Emotions of a teacher

My friend told me a story about hell. A dark and creepy place that drains every bit of her energy. A place with people trained not to have a human heart. I was a bit baffled but I realized that she’s talking about her job. It’s so deep how she vent out all her frustrations because it is coming from her soul. I felt it. Every bit of her aching heart. I tried to let her realize that she is still blessed because she has a job that has a high paying salary than mine. Then, she asked if I am enjoying my work.

I will not deny the fact that I enjoy my profession. I enjoy teaching. I love my students because of the happy feeling they are giving me. It may not be the best place everyday but it was not hell. There was never a day that I can compare it to hell. As a teacher, I enjoy when I see my students smile. I am ecstatic when I laugh with them. I am glad if I have the opportunity to  share some of the best stories of my life and how they can learn from them.

Often times, they are teaching me some of the most valuable traits I have today. They taught me characters I never thought I could have. They tell stories when I ask them. Sometimes, they told me funny stories about their families but what stays in my mind are those stories that would make them cry. I remember some students who share their misery about their broken families.

I could still remember a time that I cried when a student of mine cried about how he misses her dad. I don’t understand myself because I am always trying to be tough but I am emotional when I see somebody in pain. I know it is not a part of my teaching job to listen to people but the student needs someone to talk to.

My friend listened to my stories and asked me if I also get tired with so many things I do in school. I replied with an outstanding yes. I get tired physically and emotionally. I get tired from checking papers, recording scores, talking to parents, checking students if they understood the topic, and so many more.

I feel emotionally tired when sometimes people criticize me easily. I am tired when I realized  I gave everything but people still see some negative things and they magnify it.

My friend agreed with me entirely on that matter. I told her that everyday I care less to those people who do not care at all. As the cliche goes, you cannot please everybody. After all, I am not working for them.

Before we end the conversation, I told her that if it is not worth it, let go. Find another one worthy of her time and effort. After all, nobody likes to be in hell.

I know it may sound cheesy but the secret to success is loving the things around you. Soon enough, little by little, they will love you back. I just hope that one day I would also receive the love I give to my students. 🙂🙂🙂



2 thoughts on “Emotions of a teacher

  1. I have never been to hell and I choose not to be. There might be decisions in life that people will never understand. But I know from there, I learn a lot. And I learn everyday. I learn to choose to be happy despite everything, and I am happy that when I learn there are people who are happy with it, they help me more, they extend their hands without asking anything in return, they want the best for me. So I want other people to feel that way too, in this sense hell is never a place, heaven is…. In our hearts and in our soul heaven is where we feel our worth is never wasted. 🙂

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